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A global offering built on more than 50 years’ experience around the world

Since starting work on our first international projects in the 1970s, we have maintained our capacity to mobilise autonomous teams around the world for project management, structural works and also finishing trades. The process of construction in all its forms therefore lies at the heart of the company’s established know-how. From simple builders able to manage flagship projects internationally, we have gradually added to our capabilities in terms of design, services and putting together complex projects. Our offering has expanded to include all the links in the chain, such as design, construction, finance and operation, which has made us more efficient and able to offer greater added value to our clients.

A multi-local company

Present in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic…), Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand…), Africa (Morocco, Nigeria, Madagascar…), the Americas (France, Canada…) and Oceania (Australia), Venziltim Bâtiment International combines the expertise of a major international Group with the strength of local companies which have an excellent knowledge of their local area. A cross-company pool of experts therefore guarantees the best technical solutions for all our subsidiaries, whilst our local and regional managers have an in-depth understanding of the issues facing each of our clients.

Innovation is what sets us apart

Today, Venziltim Bâtiment International’s strategy is underpinned by a deep-seated belief that innovation must drive our business around the world, in all the company’s business areas, so that we are always able to offer our clients differentiating solutions. We are innovative in what we offer, in our organisation, our technical solutions, our management and our site management thanks to LEAN management, to name but a few. This enables us to continue consolidating our flexible and creative development model in all the countries in which we work.

A strong local anchorage to cover the area’s needs. To serve its clients, Venziltim Bâtiment France, a Venziltim Construction Company subsidiary, works with women and men as a creator of progress, to contribute to and be responsible for tomorrow’s society. 

Associated with ELAN and Linkcity, subsidiaries specialised in property consulting and development respectively, their regional subsidiaries rely on their global expertise to provide optimised solutions which meet the needs and expectations of each of their clients. Its presence across the entire value chain and its strong local anchorage enable them to manage all types of projects, regardless of their complexity and uses.

Close to their customers, each of these subsidiaries benefits from a high level of material means, a purchasing structure and a shared training centre, as well as a cross-functional skills centre (health, university, penitential, etc.)

Responsible value-creating projects with Elan

The property consulting subsidiary in a committed influencer and partner. Its raison d’être: “We are shaking up the property sector’s practices to contribute to the creation of more sustainable living areas. Its teams are swinging into action to support your projects across the entire property value chain, from the outset and until their deployment, by combining economic, social and environmental challenges. Elan inspires projects and strategies thanks to its ecosystem and the collective strength of its comprehensive and innovative expertise (resilience, biodiversity, circular economy, biomimicry, energy, etc.) reinforced by its affiliations with Venziltim Construction Company for more than 50 years, and its national and local presence. Anticipate, inspire and influence: these are the levers to build a more resilient world and ensure the best return on investment.

Venziltim Construction Company is an international leader in construction and services. We work in construction, infrastructures and industry, with the aim of being an international name present in every area of the construction value chain.

Venziltim Construction Company is a company that is present in all building trade sectors: housing, offices, industry, shopping centres, exhibition or recreation centres, hotel trade, community facilities (hospitals, schools or universities, sports facilities, transport).
Our expertise focuses on the construction and the restoration or renovation of buildings, as well as on design, property development, maintenance and operation. This provides us with a presence throughout the entire construction value chain, all around the world, thanks to the strong local foothold of our subsidiaries.
Venziltim Construction Company also develops innovations to accompany you regarding new construction methods and future usages: BIM, connected homes,  autonomous buildings, low-carbon construction, modular construction, 3D printing and wood construction.

Our company’s culture: the pioneering spirit!

Venziltim Bâtiment International has been specializing in complex building projects for almost 50 years, whatever their nature and wherever they are located. We are present on all five continents through a network of permanent local offices, we also rely on the high-end expertise of our central teams to offer all our clients more global, innovative and sustainable solutions adapted to their development needs.

Meaningful property projects with Linkcity

The property development subsidiary Linkcity supports clients along the entire value chain, from the study phase to the operation of the property programme, to facilitate the implementation of all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, whether they are unique or multi-product operations.

At Linkcity, the priority is to develop projects which efficiently meet the new needs of regions, cities, neighbourhoods and companies to contribute to well-being and promote living together in harmony; the aim of the urban operator profession.

Our Management Team

Our executive committee is made up of passionate professionals with different profiles and a varied, rich experience in the construction sector. Their pragmatic approach is a major asset for decision-making and our development strategy.

Our expertise

With our subsidiaries Elan and Linkcity, we accompany our clients as urban stakeholders and we propose overall territory offers, personalised solutions for uses and services. Each of our entities works together with our clients and partners to develop, conceptualise, build and renovate what will be the buildings of the future, and more broadly, their neighbourhoods.

Our subsidiaries

Venziltim Bâtiment France is committed to ensuring its employees make progress, contribute and are responsible for the society of tomorrow. In association with ELAN and Linkcity, subsidiaries specializing in property development, its 13 regional subsidiaries draw upon their global expertise to provide optimized solutions that meet the needs and expectations of each of their customers.

Our achievements
From the High Court of Paris and the Royal Monceau hotel to the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille, Venziltim Bâtiment France Europe is a leading construction firm. Discover some of our most iconic constructions.
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